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Indians are becoming more susceptible to pets these days. The reason is the rise in nuclear families.

You would think what correlation do these statements have?

The point is that in nuclear families both children and adults tend to get lonely hence they decide to bring home a furry friend.

However, before you bring a pet home, it is important to make the place safe and comfortable for your new friend.

Today, we will discuss some necessary tips that you should adopt in order to make your super luxury villa pet-friendly.

1. Avoid Using Rugs and Carpets

For those of you who may not know: rugs and carpets are the primary breeding ground for fleas which are detrimental for pets.

The thing is, rugs and carpets are prone to collecting hair, bacteria and other sorts of germs which then gives rise to fleas.

Therefore, it is highly suggested to remove carpets and rugs from your home before you bring a pet home. Better yet, go for marble flooring or wooden flooring which are not only easy-to-clean but also considerably more pet-friendly than rugs.

2. Common Safety Measures

Sometimes the things that seem to be common are the ones that slip the mind at the last moment.

Therefore, don’t forget to take common safety measures that include installing childproof blots and latches in the cupboards that you want out-of-reach of your pet. Also, make sure that your pet is unable to reach items such as food, products, and chemicals that may cause harm to them.

Now, this was from your pet’s perspective, what about protecting your own floors and furniture?

To avoid nail scratches, make sure to pick scratch-proof fabrics for your curtains and furniture and dark colours for your flooring.

3. Check Your Electric Wiring

Another quick thing to make sure that your pet will be safe at your house is to check all your electric wiring beforehand. For starters, remove all the open and dangling wires including open circuits, phone chargers, cable wires and so on and so forth.

4. Spacious Rooms

Pets are likely to enjoy themselves more in spacious luxury villas with airy rooms as compared to apartments.

The reason being, pets not only love to move around but they also need a space of their own. Apart from this, they also need a friendly and open neighbourhood that has appropriate parks, gardens and open spaces for their morning as well as evening walk.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t take the aforementioned measures, then your pet is unlikely to ever feel comfortable with you at your home. It deserves to live in a safe and healthy environment as much as a human being.

Don’t forget that once you bring your pet home, it will be a part of the family. Therefore, before you plan to invest in your new home, you need to make special provisions for your pet as well.

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