Types of Real Estate Properties an NRI Can Invest Into

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July 16, 2020
NRI investment in real estate
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July 20, 2020
NRI return to india

As Indian Government has some specific rules when it comes to buying real estate properties for NRI returning to india, there are specific properties that an NRI can’t invest into, and they would be agricultural properties, plantation properties and any kind of farmhouses. Although if you are from the nearby countries then you can invest in these type of properties by exchanging immovable properties. These are just the few that you can’t help but ignore, whereas there are a lot more you have the chance to invest into, to know about them and keep reading. 

Projects NRIs Can Invest Into

Villa: Villas are a great piece of real estate to invest in, as they are big and has plenty of space for you and your family to live comfortably into. You can also rent it to make a profit out of it. Bangalore has the best set of Villas in real estate in case you are interested in them. 

Apartments: Apartments are perfect if you have a small family or you are a bachelor. Various sizes of apartments are available according to your budget as well.  

Plots: Plots are the best option for you if you wish to make yourself a home according to your choices and preferences. In case you are an NRI returning to india habituated with living in a particular pattern you can make your home wisely according to that on the plot of yours.

These are some of the basic and easily available real estate properties you can invest in India. 

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