How an NRI can Invest in the Indian Real-Estate Projects

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These days NRIs can invest in real estate projects in India. The numbers of non-residential Indian investors are growing these days because they are getting some extra benefits. The NRI investments are getting bigger these days. The investment value of 2014 was 5 billion and in 2018 the value was 10.2 billion. After knowing the value you can easily understand the growth of the real estate business. However, 63% of people want to invest in real estate properties over any other form of investment. The reduction of GST is one of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of NRI real estate investment in India. However, if you are an NRI then you should go through these things before investing in an Indian real estate project.

Maintain the Indian Policy

I – According to the Indian rules the non-residential people can invest in the residential and commercial properties. The NRI people cannot invest in any Indian agricultural projects. For these reasons, Bangalore is the top-most preference for commercial investors.

II – However, if you are from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Iran, Bhutan, Afghanistan, China then you have to take some special permission from the Reserve Bank of India.

Create an Indian Bank Account

I – However, if you are looking for the NRI real estate investment in India then you have to create an Indian bank account. Only you can manage your Indian income through the Indian bank account.

These are the most important tips that you must follow if you want to invest in the Indian real estate projects.

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