Love your home? Proud of your interiors? Here’s the chance to flaunt your stylish home
decor and win fabulous prizes! You may submit entire room or floor themes or just the
smaller sections like the garden pond, book shelf, bar counter, feature wall, etc.

Last date for submission of entries:

31st July, 2022

For clarifications call Prajin @ 9591 139 004

Contest is Closed


  1. Images: supported file formats are JPG/JPEG/PNG/GIF and maximum file size should be 8MB
  2. Video: supported file format is MP4/MOV/WMV/AVI and maximum file size should be 50MB

Contest Rules

  1. Each villa can submit up to 3 entries.
  2. The entries you submit will be considered into one of the two categories:
    • Category 1 (Room Designs) Showcasing of entire floors, rooms and larger space designs.
    • Category 2 (Special Sections), Showcasing of select sections or stand-alone units like a garden pond, vertical garden, book shelf, bar counter, false roof, feature wall, etc.

      Needless to mention, the 1st category entries have a better chance to win the big fat prizes!

  3. Participants are advised to include a short description (not more than 150 words) to detail the idea, uniqueness, theme functionality or choice of material which may better highlight the entry submitted.
  4. Single or set of items bought off the shelf will not be considered as entries by themselves.
  5. Up to 5 pictures and 1 video may be submitted to exhibit each entry.
  6. Contest will be judged by a panel of external designers and architects.
  7. Entries will be judged by some or all of following parameters:
    • Uniqueness of Idea/theme.
    • Efficient space utilization.
    • Choice of Material / Color.
    • Intelligent / Innovative Components.
    • Use of lighting / natural light.
    • Floor / wall / ceiling treatment.
    • Play of Soft Furniture/ Wallpaper/Curtains
    • Personal touch / unique element.
    • Art wall / skilled work etc.,
    • Overall Appeal.
  8. Panel may choose to visit the top 10 villas to pick the grand winners.
  9. Nambiar Builders reserves the right to use the submitted visuals and content in their digital/offline marketing and PR campaigns.