Green & Pure Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Villa

As the temperature is starting to cool down, we wait eagerly to welcome for what seems like a perennial cycle of festivals. However, one cannot refute that Indians celebrate Diwali with maximum pomp and fervour.

There’s much talk about mitigating pollution this Diwali and how one should make do with green crackers. There’s another aspect of your Diwali celebration where you can go green – your Diwali decoration. Organic decorations are not only pleasing to the eyes but also evoke festive spirit like nothing else.

There are so many ways to incorporate green and organic elements into Diwali Decoration ideas for your villa – from your porch to your backyard. Amid the abundance of sweets and cackling peals of laughter, use these green and pure Diwali decoration ideas for your villa to make your Diwali even more luminescent.

1. Seashell Candles

Nothing says Diwali more than the sight of flickering candles. As overused as the statement is, but it warrants repetition – “Diwali is the festival of lights”.

Another thing that is overused are those archaic candles that are too staid for your chic, luxurious villa. Instead, you should give “Seashell Candles” a try to give a nuanced, yet a cheerful and classy look to your villa. Many of you might have collected them over the years during a summer holiday or an impromptu vacation. So why not put them to use this Diwali?

2. Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are the best way to give your villa a vintage and elusive vibe this Diwali, all the while staying green and organic. The best part is that they can be made easily using a few simple supplies.

You can string them on your porch, or artfully arrange an array of multiple paper lantern in your drawing room.

3. Citrus Wreath

The citrus wreath is created using rosemary, evergreen and bright pops of citrus. It adds a cheerful touch to your whole Diwali decor.

Citrus Wreath is also a bit Christmas-y, however, since Christmas is just around the corner so the fact that it serves a longer purpose doesn’t hurt.

4. Marigold Toran

Your Diwali decoration would never be complete without a colourful and cherry Toran. They are often made of cardboard. However, to give a quirky and vivid look, you can create it using marigold flowers. Hang your marigold Toran at the entrance of your villa to welcome your guests.

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