Guide to finding an Independent Dream Villa in Sarjapur Road,Bangalore


A resort like ambience and uber-luxurious amenities, set in the backdrop of lush greenery and year-round pleasant climate – that’s what vacation dreams are made of. Now imagine living amidst such perfection all year round, while being a stone’s throw away from gourmet restaurants, reputable schools and exceptional hospitals. That’s exactly what’s on the plate when you purchase a villas in Sarjapur Road. But how do you make the decision before zeroing in on the perfect home for you? Let’s check out some pointers.

  1. Location –The location of your home plays a vital role in its desirability. Imagine while house-hunting you come across a beautiful villa home. But if it is located in the middle of nowhere, with no proper connectivity to key areas in the city, would you invest in that?A perfect location that provides you with the serenity without taking away the connectivity is like icing on the cake. The area should be well-connected to other prominent parts of the city at least by road, with regular public transport plying in the locality. It should be a safe neighbourhood, with low crime rates and within commutable distance to your work place.
  2. Public facilities –The perfect family home fits the needs of all the members of your family. Proximity to key social amenities like hospitals and schools is non-negotiable. For heightened convenience, ATMs and daily provisional and medical stores shouldn’t be more than a stone’s throw away. To round it off, entertainment and leisure options like shopping malls, theatres, pubs and restaurants should be just a short drive away.
  3. Reputable builders – Since luxury villas are high value investments, it is of utmost importance to look into the developers’ reputation. How transparent are their transactions? What is the quality of construction? Do they deliver as per timelines? How is their customer interaction? What is the experience of former home buyers? Insist on complete information before signing on the dotted line.
  4. Property appreciation – Your dream home should be more than just that. It is an investment for the future generations that should generate high ROI. Any locality that is seeing steady growth for at least a decade with no sudden ups and downs is almost always a good choice to purchase a house in. This will ensure good growth on initial investment. Sarjapur Road, Electronic City and other parts of South Bangalore is a real estate treasure trove, with steadily rising ROI, without any sudden fluctuations in market values.
  5. Legal viewpoint –Buying real estate canbe a lengthy hassle that involves much legal paperwork. Any discrepancies can become a major obstacle in the way of your possession of that dream home. In order to avoid getting tangled up in real estate legal work, avail the services of a reputable law firm that will scrutinise property papers and help you decide if the property is worth investing.

The real estate market of Sarjapur Road  boasts of having the perfect marriage of optimum location and high real estate ROI. The Bellezea luxury villas in bangalore present a perfect combination of a prime location, world class amenities and exceptional aesthetics. Its developers are Nambiar Builders who are well-known for their exceptional workmanship and dedicated pre- and post-sale customer service.

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