Home Enhancement Series: Light fixtures


Your home is indeed a reflection of you and  an expression of your identity, that abode where life’s beautiful moments are made.We commence our home enhancement series ( tips on enhancing the character to your place of living ) with suggestions on light fixtures.

Light fixtures are a key element in the design of a room. Think of ornamental lighting as architectural jewellery, they can dress up or dress down the look of a room. From Italian, German and Scandinavian through to Britain ,the choice of modern lighting fixtures are as extensive as the imaginations of the designers who create them.  Function  is very much at the forefront of  a  designer’s’ thinking as its beauty today.

Chandeliers are one of the hottest ways to add a statement piece in your home. Whether classically featured over the dining room table or placed in unexpected hidden nooks for an overall eclectic design, it is the “it” look now.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights, help personalize a space and put your sense of style on display. Pendants set the tone for whatever room or environment they are in and whether contemporary or not, these hanging ceiling fixtures create a sense of collected calm that is appropriate for the room.

Ceiling-Mount Light Fixture
To make a more subtle design statement above, try a ceiling-mount light fixture. Kitchens, family rooms, and hallways still deserve a decorative touch when it comes to lighting the room.


Wall Sconces
They are a great way to add accent lighting to many areas of your home.Sconces offer a decorative way to illuminate a hallway instead of overhead lighting.They are rarely the focal point, yet many times they accentuate the focal point in a room.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is often used for accent lighting rather than as the sole light source for a room. Because it’s so unobtrusive it goes well with contemporary or minimalist interiors.

Kitchen lighting

The key to good kitchen lighting is to layer the lights, mixing ambient , task, and decorative lighting with natural light. Kitchen design should focus on function, but that doesn’t mean lighting needs to suffer. Hang pendants over islands, sinks, and counters to add splashes of color and graphic shape.

Bedroom lighting

The bedroom offers multiple opportunities for decorative lighting accents. For overall ambiance, hang a pretty chandelier or a quaint ceiling-mount fixture in the center of the room. For bedtime reading, choose stylish table lamps or functional and decorative wall sconces. A writing desk or sitting area offers the perfect spot for task lighting.

Dimmer lights, what’s the deal?

Dimmers can change the mood of any room , they also enhance the home décor, decrease energy use, extend light bulb longevity and even improve your quality of life. Dimmer switches are an economical, easy way to make a big difference in your home’s lighting appeal, as well as in your energy use. Whether it’s for reading or relaxing, the right lighting helps us do all our living better. Add instant style and function to your living spaces with these general suggestions.

Let there be light!!

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