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Nothing screams luxury more than ornate sculptures and show pieces. And when one hears the word sculpture, one automatically envisions those Michelangelo style sculptures from the Renaissance era, which are one of the most celebrated and revered sculptures of all time.

With so much grandeur and history attached with Sculptures, they hold the power of turning your villa into a thing of absolute beauty.

Moreover, contrary to popular belief, show pieces and sculptures are not limited to oversized drawing rooms and artsy lawns. In fact, there is a sculpture or show piece for every room regardless of the size and style.

So have a look at some of the most fabulous show piece and sculpture decor ideas for your villa:

Religious Sculptures

Sculptures and figurines of holy figures like Lord Ganesha, the Buddha, Holy Mary and more have been in fashion for quite some time now. However, they can be used to adorn your villa with a more tasteful and elegant approach.

For example, you can use these figurines as wall sculptures or surround the sculpture with white, artsy and wide candles. This enchanting display is bound to exude dynamism and grace in your living room or drawing room.

If you are a collector of exquisite artisanship and want to showcase your figurine collection without holding back, then you can also consider adorning your grades and poolside with them.

A prominent holy figurine with outstretched wings gracing your poolside would look wonderful and entrancing to the eyes. This marvelous and aesthetically pleasing decor style is likely to enhance the beauty of your villa even more.

Antique Sculptures

The best way to spruce up your interiors is by adding a little dash of eccentricity with antique show pieces and sculptures.

Use something that resonates with your taste and vision – such as welcome plagues or a sculpture-like small console table. The details on antique sculptures take one to medieval times and make it impossible to take off their eyes.

You can create a whole historical interior theme to go with the sculpture that will be a treat to the eyes of someone who is fond of mystic tales. Furthermore, consider adding a menacing, wall clock or place a clock on the mantle to create the whole classic and authentic fantasy genre vibe.

Wooden sculptures

The whole decor is incomplete without wooden artefacts and sculptures. Now if you are looking for a way to add a dash of height to your furniture and still make them look understated, you can place an abstract wooden sculpture on the side.

You can create a perfect vignette like theme by coordinating the wooden sculpture with your console table, mantels, upholstery, ledges and wall arts.

However, if you are not too keen on placing a huge wooden sculpture in your drawing room, you can consider using wooden wall sculptures. While these geometric wooden wall sculptures will do their work of adding the touch you want, they will still stay out of your way by being neatly hung on the wall.

Wooden wall sculptures are wonderful, not to say a creative way to add texture and eccentricity in your room, while keeping your surrounding neat and uncluttered.

This is the best way to keep things minimal and yet add a dash of geometrical eccentricity in the form of wooden wall sculpture.

Such wall sculptures will be best suited to your bedrooms, dining area or your drawing room.

Large sized sculpture

Some people like to do things king size, especially when it comes to their home decor. This is where life-sized sculptures come into play.

If you are looking for making an unforgettable statement with your villa interiors, then go all the way out by placing a life-sized sculpture or figurine in your entryway.

These eye-catching sculptures will be hard to miss and will surely catch your visitors’ eyes. These larger than life sculptures are bold, eccentric and shows your outgoing personality. Also, don’t forget that not many decor elements can look grand and chic at the same time, as the life-sized sculptures.

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